Parking and Road Closure Information

Fretboard Brewing Red, White & Blue Ash Road Closures: 
For resident and guest safety, the following roads in the Neighborhoods at Summit Park will be closing at approximately 6:00 a.m. on July 4, 2022:
- Parkview Drive at Carver Woods Drive
- Summit Place from Glendale Milford to Gateway Place

FREE Fretboard Brewing Red, White & Blue Ash 2022 parking, accessible parking, reserved parking, and the Uber/Lyft drop-off and pick-up lot location can be found below.  This information can also be found on the interactive event map here. 

- Blue Ash Office Center, 10250 Alliance Rd.      
- Pfeiffer Place, 10300 Alliance Rd.                  
- Vista Business Center, 10220 Alliance Rd.       
- Vora Innovation Center, 10290 Alliance Rd.              
- The Landings II, 9987 & 9999 Carver Rd.      
- Northmark Business Center I, 10101 Alliance Rd.           
- Ethicon, 4545 Creek Rd.                    
- Blue Ash Corporate Center, 4300 Glendale Milford Rd.                 
- Blue Ash Business Place, 4340 Glendale Milford Rd.                 
- Corporate Woods, 4500 Lake Forest Dr.                   
- Lake Forest Place, 4445 Lake Forest Dr. (Reserved & Accessible Parking - Pass/Placard Required)
- Westlake Center, 4555 Lake Forest Dr. (Reserved Parking - Pass Required)
- Lake Forest Point, 4747 Lake Forest Dr.    
- Pfeiffer Woods, 5151 Pfeiffer Rd.                  
- Ursuline Academy. 5535 Pfeiffer Rd.       
FREE ACCESSIBLE PARKING                                                                               
- Lake Forest Place 4445 Lake Forest Dr. (ACCESSIBLE PLACARD REQUIRED) 

UBER/LYFT LOT - convenient drop-off/pick-up location
- Please instruct driver to navigate to
4455 Carver Woods Dr.         
(For information about the temporary amenity closures at Summit Park click here to read the pop-up alert at the bottom right corner of the page.)        

The City of Blue Ash would like to thank our corporate neighbors for their continued support to help make our special events a success!