Where can I park?

How much does parking cost?

Where can I find accessible parking?

Are there shuttles from the parking lots?

Can I bring a cooler?

Can I bring alcohol?

Will the DORA still be in place?

Do you need a wristband or drink tickets to purchase alcohol?

Are there free water stations?

Will there be food?

What food and drink vendors will be at the event?

Will the restaurants at Summit Park be open?

Does it cost money to attend the event?

What time is the event?

What happens if it rains or there is severe weather?

Can I bring a tent?

What will be going on at the event prior to the concert and fireworks?

What is the best place to view the fireworks?

How long will the fireworks last?

Will there be rides & games?

Where can I go to cool off?

Will the roads be closed near Summit Park?

How will traffic be when leaving the event?

Is this event dog/pet friendly?

Can I drop off chairs?

Do I need a ticket to attend?

Will any Summit Park amenities be closed during the event?